This French-language documentary web-series (3 episodes, running 4 minutes each) for La Fabrique culturelle (Télé-Québec) is about shedding the “right” light on the energy of the expanding street dance culture in Montréal, working with the creators and artists at the heart of the movement. CRU is hosted by the exuberant, inquisitive “popper” and emerging actor “ATN” (Étienne Lou), who is immersed in this incredibly popular dance form and community. ATN brings his contagious energy and knowledge to the interviews with the selected three artists (Lady C, Soulstep, Monstapop). The encounters are both humouristic and informative, relaxed while keeping it real. Have a look here.


Professional street dancer, budding choreographer and filmmaker Ja Britton Johnson (Jigsaw) worked behind the camera and in the edit suite. Hip-hop dance artist and Bust-A-Move founder-director Alexandra “Spicey” Landé lends artistic direction to the project.

Experienced dance-filmmakers, Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer, bring their ability to breath life into choreographing dance for the screen. Their merging of documentary and art filmmaking has been celebrated around the world.

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