“Bhairava” – citations and critical raves


Jury citations

“A film of great elegance, centered on an exceptional performer. Shantala Shivalingappa… is able to compete inside the image and within this majestic landscape, and makes the landscape move with her. The cinematography is beautiful but never intrudes into the experience; the sound connects the dancer with the ground she dances on; the film skilfully weaves together its elements to create a beautiful portrait of a dancer.”

– Cinedans, Amsterdam, March 2018

“A powerful integration of the elements of performance, music and film, Bhairava is a
captivating window into something both ancient and alive.”
– Light Moves Festival, Limerick, Ireland, November 2017


Critical comment

Creating a vivid incarnation of the deity, [Shantala Shivalingappa] alternates between moments of accurate symbolic gestures or mudras and abstract body language. The eccentric energy of the ancient site of Hampi, coupled with a phenomenal and deeply reminiscent musical score, recreate the omnipresent persona of the supreme being.

– The Dance Current

The perfect combination of editing, music and dance was really impressive: the dancer [Shantala Shivalingappa] reacted to every drum hit, her body was perfectly subordinated to music, and at the same time the way of lighting, camera settings, selection of open air and editing techniques turned the film into a small masterpiece.

Taniec Polska

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