“Inquiry Into Time and Perception, Study #1″ – Selected to be Screened at the “Dance: Made in Canada” Festival

“Inquiry Into Time and Perception, Study #1″ has been selected to be screened as part of the “Dance: Made in Canada/Danse: Fait au Canada” festival, which will be taking place this August in Toronto!

RACHEL 7                  mariko-blindfold


Directed by Philip Szporer, choreographed by Mariko Tanabe and edited by Marlene Millar, this piece features Mariko Tanabe and Rachel Harris as they explore challenges related to issues of visual perception and spectatorship.

Highlighting both transcendence and transformation of motion and emotion, this piece allows the viewer to enter a world in which they are encouraged to embrace the subtleties of movement that may otherwise go unnoticed. As “Inquiry” explores smooth, slow-motion movement of the two dancers, each projected onto a separate wall-sized panel, it encourages the viewer to question the relationship between the screen as a plane of action in relation to the viewer. In addition to aiming to elucidate the viewer’s placement in relation to a projected image, this piece acknowledges motion as well as the moving pictures on the screen as part of a compositional whole.

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